Travel to London, England in the United Kingdom and you can walk the same streets as the kings, queens, princes, and princesses that you have studied in history class, read about in the newspapers, and seen on television. The old to ancient buildings are close together and you can feel in close proximity to significant historical figures and happenings, possibly gaining some understanding of the world we live in as while drinking in the culture, fine arts, and theatre.  At the heart of London is Trafalgar Square area which is in accessible proximity to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Piccadilly Circus and the Theatre District.

London is famous for its theatre district, which offers a variety of entertainment. The Theatre Royal on Drury Lane was built in 1663 and a rich history, having been attended by royalty and the common man alike. The Lyceum Theatre, London Palladium, Strand Theatre, The Old Vic, Theatre Museum, Royal National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and Savoy Theatre are all theatres that offer high quality entertainment to this day. The theatres attract top talent and the opportunity to see famous actresses and actors in live performances. The district has a busy, lively atmosphere, attracting visitors from around the globe.
English tea is a longstanding tradition, which can be found in restaurants and hotels throughout the city. You can take a break and relax from sightseeing and shopping by having strong tea and cakes. After this refreshing break, you can enjoy a burst of energy to carry you through to dinner at one of the many fine restaurants and to whatever evening entertainment you select. 

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