The Algarve is located in the southern region of Portugal and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The Algarve is steeped in heritage, history, and culture. Roman ruins beckon you and you’re never more than a few moments away from a guided tour or a museum. One thousand miles of coastline ensure that there the perfect beach setting for you. Fine golden sands, often framed by brilliant azure waters and dramatic cliffs, and the fantastic rock formations will make you feel like you have stepped back in time.

The Western end of the Algarve is rather sheltered from tourism. Black rock cliffs are striking and the beaches range from very tiny, private coves to long, soft sands. The Southern coasts are well known for their pristine beaches and clear seas. Enjoy a quiet afternoon on an intimate beach or live it up a bit on an active beach with tons of restaurants, bars, and boutiques. When you need to stop and refuel, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in the world in Portugal Algarve. Favorite dishes here are full of flavor, expertly prepared, and often highlights the local fish and seafood caught right off the coast. Wine is a guilty pleasure here, and you’ll find many of the finest bottles in the world are from the Portugal Algarve area. For those who love to shop, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The Portugal Algarve is known for its beautiful ceramics, pottery, and clay works. Most that are available for souvenirs are painted with elaborate designs in shades of blue.

The Algarve coast is best described in two parts; to the west of Faro the coast is set with fantastic rock formations separating the many small coves and bays, offering superb photographic opportunities.
In closing, the Portugal Algarve is simply one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Europe. Be sure to consider this breathtaking region, with its gorgeous beaches, striking cliffs, cosmopolitan areas, and enchanting culture for your next holiday.


Installed in an area of 17 hectares, Adriana Beach Club Hotel Resort has 439 rooms, providing family environment, diverse service offer and quality  care.

Situated in Olhos de Água, in the municipality of Albufeira, in the Algarve, this Resort is housed in natural environment and enjoys a privileged location next to the beach, guaranteeing the peace and privacy of our guests, yet ideal for holding events. The proximity of the city of Albufeira and Vilamoura tourist complex, two tourist destinations and animation of the region represents an alternative for those who prefer to explore the potential around the hotel.

The All Inclusive concept takes in this hotel its highest expression, given that waiver include the diverse range of services provided.
Adriana Beach Club Hotel Resort offers a huge variety of buffets, which include meat and fish dishes, as well as vegetarian options, freshly baked pizzas, pasta, salads and desserts. Throughout the day, in addition to the main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), there are snacks. Drinks are also included, throughout the day and during all meals. There is water, soft drinks, beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks.

In our hotel, the All Inclusive offer theme nights, where our buffets change and give you the possibility of enjoying new dishes: asian, portuguese, tropical, mexican and many more.

Adriana Beach Club Resort Hotel perfectly located between Albufeira and Vilamoura. It presents 300 metres of shoreline and 12 hectares of grounds. It borders with the beaches of Praia da Falésia, Rocha Baixinha and Praia dos Tomates.



Adriana Beach Club Hotel Resort is located in Rocha Baixinha, better known as Praia dos Tomates, one of the best in Algarve. The only access to the beach is next to the hotel, which avoids the excessive tourists’ movement. Thus, it is mostly frequented by hotel guests. In addition to the calm, this beach has the blue flag award, annually granted by the Blue Flag Europe Association.

Alternatively, you can choose between any neighbouring beaches, among which is the Falésia, 300 metres around the Resort.

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Reception  .............................................  24h
Security   ...............................................  24h
Check-In  ............................................... 14h00
Check-Out  ............................................  11h00

- Outside parking
- Kiosk, souvenir & convenience shop
- Hotel Courtesy Bus to Albufeira
  (6 times a week, 4 times a day)


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BREAKFAST  ................  08H00 am >> 10H00 am
SNACKS  .................... 10H00 am >> 12H00 pm
                             02H30 pm >> 06H00 pm
LUNCH   .................... 12H30 pm >> 02H30 pm
ICE-CREAM  ................. 10H30 am >> 05H00 pm
                             (Sunset Bar)
DINNER  .................... 06H30 pm >> 09H30 pm
                             (Gentlemen are required to wear trousers)
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- International Cuisine
- Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner

- "Aquarius" available for breakfast, lunch and dinner
(with Portuguese specialities)
- "Grill" available for lunch and dinner 
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SUNSET BAR  .............. 10H30 am >> 11H00 pm
TROPICANA  ............... 10H30 am >> 11H00 pm
one two
- "Blue Dolphin" Disco 11H00 pm >> 01H00 am (July  & August only)
- Pool towels - First is free - After that there is a 1,50€ charge to change.
  Also a guarantee is applicable.
- Indoor Parking
- Safe in room
- Hairdresser/ Spa
- Baby Sitter
- Expresso Coffee and bottled water
- Billiards and electronic games machines
- Laundry service (washing and ironing)
- Internet access in public areas 
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- Water (from dispenser)
- Tonic Water
- Lemon Juice
- Pineapple Juice
- Pepsi
- Pepsi-light
- Lemon-Lime
- Ginger Ale
- Orange Juice
- Apple Juice 
one two
- Beer
- Sangria
- House Red Wine
- White
- Rosé
- Port
- Whisky
- Rum
- Vodka Brandy
- Gin
- Whisky Liqueur
- Café Liqueur
- Amarguinha
- Triple-Seco
- Anis
- Bagaceira
- Vermout
one two
- San Francisco
- Caribbean Dreams
one two
- Caipirinha
- Piña Colada
- Strawberry
- Daiquiri
- Love on the Beach
- Tequila Sunrise 
one two
- Tea
- Espresso
- Decaf.
- Café latte
- Capuccino
- Hot chocolate
one two
- BREAKFAST: varied buffet with fruit, yogurts, various cereals and breads, biscuits, crackers, ham, cheese, chocolate milk, chocolate spread, coffees and nuts.
Hot churros (Spanish fritters), pancakes, crepes and syrups, eggs, bacon, chips, mushrooms, sausages, tomatoes, beans.
Dietetic option available.

- LUNCH AND DINNER: Soups, meat dishes, fish and vegetarian options, home made pizzas, pasta, salad, sides, fruit and dessert buffet.
Themed food nights several times a week including Portuguese, Mexican, Asian and more.
Snacks are served between main meals throughout the day. 


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