Navigate, Run and Fly

1/2 day

Rally in Jeep (with driver for 6 pax) with questionnaire.
Three activities during the course:
⦁ Construction of rafts on the bay of Cascais,
⦁ Construction of gliders in Peninha,
⦁ Construction of pedal cars with hoods.
With this program we propose to visit in a different way some of the most important places of Sintra, by carrying out activities that encourage the relations between the elements of the teams during the course.
From the construction of the Château dos Mouros in the 8th century to the beginning of the construction of the Royal Palace of Pena in the 19th century, Sintra has acquired a cosmopolitan and royal aura from which it will no longer separate.
Sintra has become the place of occupation of the free time of the Portuguese Kings thanks to its fauna (hunting) and its mild temperature and is classified since 1981 as Natural Park and since December 7, 1995 as protected area and World Heritage.
A road-book containing information and some questions about Sintra is provided for all participants to locate themselves.
Constitutions of teams of 6 elements, distinguished by colored scarves - one per team, depending on the means of transport: jeep or rental car.
Exit of the hotel where guests are accommodated for a journey in the Sintra massif.
Passage through Sintra City, Pena, Castle back Mouros, Convent Capuchos back, Peninha, Cape da Roca and return by Cascais.
Activities during the course:
Construction and launching of balsa gliders in Peninha,
Construction and car racing in Memória,
Timed construction and navigation in rafts at the Bay of Cascais.

- Activity
- French-speaking staff
- Transfer by big coaches Tourism Hotel / Sintra / Hotel